A highlight of some of the films Sophie Piedallu has worked on as Director of Photography.

Sophie Piedallu – Biography

Sophie Piedallu has been working on professional short films, feature films, music videos, documentaries, live event coverages and TV shows since 2009 in the camera and lighting department. She is qualified in Film Production Technology with a BSc from Staffordshire University and a french degree specialising in images. She is experienced with 16mm, digital and 3D film making. Two of the feature films Sophie Piedallu worked on were aired on France’s main TV Channels: France 3 and Arte.

In 2012, she created an award winning TV channel, Staffs TV, that was rated 7th best broadcaster in the UK after only 8 months of existence. Staffs TV won the Tim Marshall Award for Special recognition and 2nd place for best live, with it’s flagship show “What’sNext” at the National Student Television awards, beating 40 other stations. This live weekly TV show, was produced and directed by Sophie Piedallu. Overall, Sophie was responsible for over 50 programmes, including NaSTAvision, a 3 hour national music TV show. Sophie Piedallu received her first awards at the festival ‘illumines” with “The People’s Choice Award” and “The Grand Prize of The Jury in 2009 for a 3D short. In 2013, “The Hub”, a short film also shot in 3D, was awarded 2nd place by industry professionals at Staffordshire University’s GradEx.