Equipment Owned



Title Rent Description Photo


Canon Cameras

Canon C100 70 -Cinematic look

-SD cards

-ND filters

Canon 60 D:

  • Camera: Canon 60D
  • Mic: Rode videomic
50 -For Photography and Videography

-Short films or highlight videos

-Head shots, event photography

-Low depth of field  (large sensor)

-Light and mobile

-Records on SD cards

-Flip out screen

Canon 7D 50 -For Photography and Videography

-Short films or highlight videos

-Head shots, event photography

-Low depth of field  (large sensor)

-Light and mobile

-Records on SD cards AND CF

Canon XF 105 50 -Event camera  

Other Cameras

Panasonic camera package:

  • Camera: Panasonic 101
  • Lenses:

-Lumix 14-140mm

-Lumix 20mm

-Nikon 24-74 (+Nikon adaptor)

70 -Lower depth of field than events cameras, so you can maintain a cinematic look while while keeping focus at an event

-Large 4/3-type MOS Sensor

-Versatile (Suitable for Short films, events, music videos…)

-Over an hour of recording

-HD: 1080i/p, 720p

-Variable Frame Rates (slow motion and time lapse)

-Dual SD card recording

-Uses Still & Cinema Lenses

-Internal ND Filter Wheel (1/4, 1/16, 1/64)

-XLR input

-HDMI and SDI output




Demo footage

Sony V1E 60 -Event camera

-Can record over an hour


-Combined with the Blackmagic video assist, can record on SD cards

-XLR imput

-HDMI output

DJI Osmo 50 -Camera included

-Stabilising system


Capable of slow motion and 4K

GoPro 3+ Silver

  • Accessories:

-Helmet mount

-Floating grip mount

-Handle mount

30 -Perfect to film action shots

-Small and discreet

-Very robust


-Hours of recording

-Micro SD recording


-Wide angle



-Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 EF
-Tamron 17-50mm EF

-Canon 55-250mm EF

20 -EF
-compatible with C100, 7D and 60D


LED Panels (Aputure Amaran AL-528S) 25 -Lightweight

-Good for interviews, photobooths, Wedding first dance

-Brightness: 5000lux/1m; 1400lux/2m; 620lux/3m

-3600K and 5600K


-Diffusion filter

Fresnels (1k, 650, 300 and 150) 25 -Bag on wheels


-Good for short films, and backlights

Top LED Panel (CN 160 – Neewer) 5 -Good for an eye light or an on the fly vox pop


-5600K and 3200K

-Diffusion filter


-Runs off AA batteries

-Run time: 60 – 80mins

-Illumination: 900Lux (1m), 240Lux (2m), 120Lux (3m), 70Lux (4m), 40Lux (5m)

-Effective distance: 6m / 20ft

Reflector (silver, gold, white, black, diffusion) 5  


Fluid head tripod (Fancier FC-02H) 15  
Monopopd Yunteng 10  
Slider 20  
Jib 20  
Trolley 10 -Great for storage and mobility for multicam situations

-Very easy and compact folding


Monitoring and recording

Blackmagic Design Video Assist 30 -Good for a little director’s Monitor (5 inch Full HD Touchscreen)

-Includes peaking, helpful focus pulling tool

-Built in 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes and DNxHD Recorder

-Records on SD cards



TV Monitor LG 10 -HD  
ATEAM 1M/E Production Switcher 50 -capable of switching and processing of video sources in live video production and broadcast environments

-supports SD and HD video and is capable of switching 8 external inputs from its analog, SDI and HDMI input connectors

-Plugs in to Multi view Monitoring

-Plus into computer to use as vision mixer



Sound Recorder (Tascam Dr-40) and Lavalier mic (Audio Technica ATR 3350) 25 -XLR input

-Good to record sound from a desk (for example when filming a show in a theatre)

BOYA transmitter and receiver 20  


Backdrop (White and Black and stands) 30  
Mac Book Pro back up 30  
Zafira Design . -7 seater

-Large storage capacity